Buy Now, Pay Later... Now!

We recently announced that we would soon be allowing our customers to spread the cost of their Videography & Photography bookings, and we're pleased to announce that our Buy Now Pay Later option is now available!

We’re now accepting payments via iwocaPay, which means you can control how (and when) you pay.

Next time you get an invoice from us, as well as our Bank Details for conventional payments, we’ll add an iwocaPay link – follow that and you’ll have two choices:

Pay Now - right there and then from your account

Pay Later - by splitting your invoice into three equal monthly payments.

Here’s how to Pay Later:

Sign up in five minutes: you’ll only need to do this once

If you're approved you'll make your first payment in 30 days - we'll get paid in full as soon as you checkout. Your monthly payments are taken automatically but you can always pay early if you like; plus, there are no hidden fees!

We're proud to be one of the only Video Production companies in the North West offering a Buy Now Pay Later facility, and it forms part of our commitment to making professional digital media accessible to everyone. If you'd like any more information on how we work with iwocaPay, feel free to email

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