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Meet Chris!

👋🏻 Meet The Team

Christopher Arkley

Chris began his career in theatre at the age of 12. Moving from stage to backstage, he began working on boundary pushing projects that blended video and theatre, and after several years in the industry, began to transition towards film-making after finding a passion for creative visual storytelling. He founded Out of the Ark Productions with the vision of enabling businesses and clients to share that passion, and bring an exciting, high class look to their digital media content, and use cinematic creativity to make the everyday world a more interesting, vibrant and engaging place.

In 2022, Chris gained an Honourable Mention for Best Director at the London Movie Awards, along with the award for Best Editor at the Athens International Film Festival for his first short film, Eigengrau. Following the continued success of his directorial debut, Chris is thrilled to have a number of exciting film projects on the horizon for 2023 and beyond.

Meet the full team:

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