Our first Short Film!

Ok, we couldn't hold this in much longer, the first announcement for our very first short film!

Precious Memories is a great short story which we can't wait for you to see, check out the first poster below as a little teaser!

We've been eager to make our first short film for a long time now, and with the upcoming announcement of the My Rode Reel 2021 Short Film Competition, the timing seemed perfect! This will be a great opportunity for us to put together all our progress from the last year into a super creative, super fun project, and honestly, the excitement is through the roof.

We have a script, a fantastic cast and crew, and set dates for filming - all thats left to do is make the magic happen and bring our story to life. We'll be sharing regular updates along the way, and we'll need all your help and support when voting for the film competition launches!

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