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Our thoughts on the SmallRig Pix M160 RGB LED Light

For a long time, we have been huge fans of SmallRig, and were super excited at the announcement of the Pix M160 light! This compact, lightweight and powerful light takes on the likes of the Aputure MC, but at a much more appealing price for small content creators of under £75.

The panel features 160 individual LED beads, capable of producing a maximum brightness up to 1350 LUX, which is more than powerful enough for small scale shoots. As well as producing accurate whites from 2500k - 8500k, the panel can also replicate 36000 RGB colours, meaning the flexibility and control is practically endless, and this single light can cover you for pretty much any use case!

For us, there are 3 standout features that really make this light invaluable. First up is the pre programmed modes, including candlelight, lightning, sirens and more, meaning that you can replicate these sort of lighting effects in camera without any extra setup or work in post - a huge time saver! The second feature is all about magnets. Strong magnets built into the light unit mean it can be mounted to any magnetic surface with no additional gear, making this already flexible piece of kit an even more essential all rounder! And finally, this light, with its 3800mah battery has the ability to charge your phone, meaning you're never going to be left without your lifeline out on a remote shoot.

As a light, the Pix M160 performs beautifully, and for the price point, to us it's a no brainer (and why stop at one? An arsenal of these could produce studio quality lighting for much, much less!) But as an overall piece of equipment, with its practicality, versatility, and all round performance and quality, this really is one of our favourite pieces of gear to land in our hands this year.

To discover more about the Pix M160, click here to visit the SmallRig site, and check out the full specifications down below!

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