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An Unforgettable Night: 'Made in Blackpool' Film Screening at the Regent Cinema

Last Saturday, an evening that will not be easily forgotten unfolded at the Regent Cinema. The event, titled 'Made in Blackpool', showcased four outstanding short films produced by Out of the Ark Productions and House Of Tales.

A Tapestry of Raw Emotion and Artistic Vision

The highlight of the evening was the premiere of 'Changing Tides', a moving film produced by House of Tales in association with Out of the Ark Productions. Based on the real experience of end-of-life alcoholism, 'Changing Tides' took us on a poignant journey to find hope in unexpected places. A 'making of' documentary followed the screening, offering a deeper dive into the creative process behind the film.

The lineup also featured 'Prefer to Sip Tea', another collaborative piece from House of Tales and Out of the Ark Productions. The film touched on the often overlooked subject of PTSD, shedding light on the internal struggles people face daily.

But there was more! Out of the Ark Productions presented a thrilling double bill: 'Eigengrau' and 'Eigengrau: Half-Life'. These films examined the mysterious concept of Eigengrau—the colour we see when we close our eyes in complete darkness. An enigmatic experience, to say the least!

Special Filmmakers Q&A Session

The evening was wrapped up with a special Q&A session, giving the audience a chance to engage with the talented filmmakers. It was a unique opportunity to gain insights into the creative processes that led to these impactful films.

Gratitude Beyond Measure

We are incredibly grateful to have collaborated with a phenomenal cast and crew in producing these films. Without their talent, dedication, and hard work, none of this would have been possible. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated and helped bring these stories to life.

Don't Miss the Next Screening!

If you missed out on this spectacular evening, don't fret! Join us for another captivating film screening event in Manchester on October 8th at 12 pm at the Cultplex Cinema. Tickets are a steal at just £5 each.

Book your tickets now, and be part of an experience that celebrates independent filmmaking at its best. We look forward to sharing this exceptional showcase with you!

See you there!

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