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Eigengrau: The Story So Far: Remastered in incredible 8K!

This Christmas, Dive into the enigmatic world of Eigengrau through this spellbinding 8K remaster from Out of the Ark Productions. Relive the harrowing yet captivating journey of Kevin and his circle as they delve into the mysteries surrounding visual noise, a phenomenon evident beyond the veil of closed eyes. In the acclaimed first installment, their venture into the unseen spectrum unveils unforeseen repercussions that challenge the boundaries of reality. The narrative takes a darker turn in 'Eigengrau: Half-Life', where a year later, the unsettling return of Kevin to the earthly realm unveils a reality that's twisted beyond recognition. The deeper exploration into the enigmatic darkness continues to unravel chilling consequences, marking a daring yet hazardous confrontation with the unknown. This riveting compilation not only rekindles the original narrative with pristine clarity but also garners accolades, showcasing the prowess of independent filmmaking. The narrative's thrilling essence fetched the "Best Thriller" title at both the Florence Film Awards 2022 and Bridge Fest 2022, while its innovative storytelling earned it the "Best Indie Short Film" award at the New York Film Awards 2023. The meticulous craftsmanship behind the narrative was recognized with "Best Edit" at the Athens International Film Festival 2022, and the visionary direction was honored with the "Best Director" award at the London Movie Awards 2022. The chilling narrative also stood as a "Runner Up - Best Thriller" at the Hollywood Gold Awards 2022 and was celebrated among the finalists at the Canadian Cinematography Awards 2022. ‘Eigengrau Parts 1 & 2: The Story So Far’ is not merely a remaster, but an epitome of storytelling that explores the dark crevices of curiosity and the relentless human spirit to unveil the unseen, all encapsulated in stunning 8K detail.

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